Illustration & vigilantism
but just illustration most times


Ren/Dracula, 21.

Will this be the last relationship each of them has? 

Yes and no. 

INPRNT has free shipping from now until Sunday! In case anyone is interested in things not currently up in my main shop! 

it has been unseasonably cool lately so I’ve been sitting in my backyard doodling trees a bunch. spooky spooky trees

sorry for the lack of updates! My partner was visiting for a week and now I have some kind of ugly summer cold (the two are unrelated. probably.) 

I’ll have my head down working on Monster Anthology stuff for quite a while once I’m feeling better, but I’m planning on opening commissions soon! Keep an eye out! 

broke in a new tiny sketchbook today! I might make something bigger out of the bottom one at some point. I really want to get back into putting full, detailed environments into my work. I’m rusty, and that’s just terrible. 

little straight to ink comic I did today~ 


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Oh hey my Batgirl’s on here! Awesome!

some exercises and creepy stuff from my instagram recently! 

quick fanart because I am pretty much in love with the new Batgirl design, oh man

give me practical badass super-heroine costumes or give me death 

I wasn’t going to poke at this anymore, buuut then I did anyway, so have a messy technique test as I plan things for my Monster Anthology comic! I have rediscovered one thing: watercolor paper is not a good time for anything that isn’t watercolor…

painted a little thing trying to figure out some technique stuff for my Anthology comic! I might do more with it eventually hmmm

Updated character stuff for my Monster Anthology comic! I finally had time to buckle down and work out all the story-related kinks this weekend, so I’m really excited to get the ball rolling!!!

what is a ghost?

I finally got to watch The Devil’s Backbone without weird quality problems

this movie messed me up

some figure draws from this morning~ 

Speedy art for the final day of the Monster Anthology kickstarter!

Technically it’s 20 hours as of right now, but still plenty of time, right?

(tumblr doesn’t seem to want to let me post links right now, so please click through the image!) 

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