Ashley's art
I had to cover up a lot of Swampy’s details for the movie title, so here is a little shot without it. Check out that goopy arm. 

I completely neglected to mention on here that I’m now using Instagram! mostly for works in progress at the moment, aka all the reasons I haven’t posted here in a while

but soon

Throw me in the waterDon’t think about the splash I will create — x
SWAMPED! is a brilliant work of monster movie magic being created by my friend Tom, and I’m really glad I get to be involved in it.
There will be another, more complex poster closer to the premiere date, but for now, here is the smaller magazine version!

NYCBM was today!! Thanks to everyone that stopped by, it was awesome~

yayyy thanks everyone and hi new followers!
hey guys! I’ll be offline for most of this week due to moving, but next Saturday I’ll be at New York Comic Book Marketplace along with Rudy and Laura.
I’ll have some prints of my magical girls, a hot off the presses, neatly edited version of “Chariot of the Pumpkin” by myself and Andrew, stickers and other fun things. Come say hi!
Last week was Valentine’s Day, so I had a very good reason to draw a tiny Rothstein couple portrait for my girlfriend! Modeled slightly after these guys.