Illustration & vigilantism
but just illustration most times

Progress shots from instagram! Gonna finish this up tomorrow.

figure drawing warmup things from this morning~

New business cards from Moo! Speedy and awesome as always! 

If you’re looking for some new cards (or stickers, postcards, etc etc..) you can get 10% off your first order by going over here! 

fun with needlekind's monster generators

"a quick thinking dragon girl who aspires to be a bard"/ 8 limbs, 8 eyes, 1 horn, green and purple!

I’ve been feeling like I’m long overdue for sharing a little of my Monster Anthology comic, so here’s one of my favorite panels in between inks and color. Having a demon for a best friend is rough, it seems. 

If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still get your very own copy of the Monster Anthology: Demon Edition right over here! This comic will be in the SFW edition (and you can also get both versions for double the monster fun!). Otherwise you’ll have to wait until next summer to see the full comic, and who the heck likes waiting?

I got a set of concentrated watercolors late last week and spent a good chunk of my weekend testing them out! also a good cooldown from everything else, woo 

(Vaguely referenced from over here!)

SPX was amazing yesterday and I met so many fantastic people!! 

Also, my friend and fellow Pratt alum anndorphin was there! She takes commissions for super adorable plushies that she’s designed, and does really amazing work with comics and storytelling. Go check her out! 

some instagram stuff! I’ve been trucking along on comics and commissions lately, unfortunately not a lot that I can show just yet. But it’s happening!

Also, I’ll be at SPX this Sunday just meandering around and trying to keep my jaw off the floor, so feel free to say hi! 

cooldown art of Pearl! she has the best design oh man

Me, FP and Laura will officially be at the Locust Moon Comics Festival in Philly again this year! as will SO MANY COOL GUESTS! WOW

It’s a really fun event full of tons of talent and they have some even bigger names than last year. Tickets are donation-based and can be gotten at the door, but if you’re an artist who’d like to exhibit along with all these cool people, they’re still accepting applications! 

tiny sketchbook thing of Aggie, who also features in my Monster Anthology comic! Which I may post tiny WIP things of… eventually… 

if you haven’t snagged your copy yet, they’re up for preorder on Storenvy! I’m in the SFW edition~

I do this little exercise sometimes to work my versatility muscles, where I draw shapes and then make faces out of them (some past ones can be seen over here

I had my parents do the shapes for the second and third ones.. Mom added the starfish looking dude on the bottom because she didn’t think my dad made the rest of them hard enough. :T



Between a bunch of things including monthly bills and an increasingly desperate need to move out on my own, I could really use some extra cash, and I’ve decided to open commissions!

important notes:

  • sketches are also available in your choice of red, blue, purple or green (black is the default unless specified otherwise)
  • I’ll be starting with 3 available slots. What’s available will be shown on the commission page on my sidebar!
  • Full illustrations have a $100 minimum and price varies by complexity. Other examples can be seen on my website!
  • All payments are up front and through Paypal, to! Please direct all requests or questions to that email as well. 

If none of these options float your boat, I also have a pretty full online shop, and a sketchbook and mini comic available on Gumroad, which is pay what you want and takes cards.

Signal boosting is greatly appreciated!

Bringing this back around one more time! 



Hello again, demon lovers!

If you missed the Kickstarter, here’s your second chance!

SFW or NSFW Edition PDF


SFW or NSFW Edition Print Copy


Some important things to note:

  • Slime Editions are not available in PDF or Print form anymore.
  • These orders will ship later than the Kickstarter orders.
  • Print copies do not have shipping included in price. (Like they did in the original KS)
  • These pre-orders will be closing a few weeks before books are ready to ship.

Other than that, everything is completely and utterly the same as the Kickstarter! This is just a more permanent way to pre-order!

So, what’re you waiting for?


I was going through an older sketchbook and found some panels from this little comic that I didn’t end up using - they’re messier and less retouched but I still kind of like them, so I figured I’d slap a little bit of color on them and post them in context. The original can still be seen through that link! 

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