Illustration & vigilantism
but just illustration most times

heyyy my Monster Anthology comic is all done! Wow!! It’s the longest comic I’ve ever done in full color, so it was a hell of a ride. If you want to check it out, you can preorder a book or PDF right over here

You’ll find me in the SFW edition, and lots of fantastic artists in both!

2014 Creator Spotlights: Hood, Mok, Finkelstein, McCammon, Birdsall, FP & Marra

Our bios are up on the Locust Moon site! Come see me, laurabirdsall and fp-illustration at Locust Moon Comic Festival next Saturday, 10/25! I’ll have some originals for sale as well as things currently up in my store! 

Really excited to be sharing a space with so many really cool artists ahhhh

Inktober 16 and 17! I had some catching up to do, whoops!

Inktober 15! Tiny witch still needs a name. Hmmmm. 

Inktober 14! I was having a lot of feelings about Dracula’s Daughter this morning. We need more movies about queer-coded lady vampires.

Referenced from this photo!

Inktober 13! Sam from Trick R Treat! #inktober #inktober2014 #trickrtreat

Still trucking away at my Monster Anthology comic! These might change a bit by the time everything’s done, since this week is gonna be all finishing colors and tweaking things. I’m really pumped to have a finished product on my hands soon!

You can still preorder a copy of both editions over here! Get one for yourself! get some for your friends! get one for total strangers who need some demons in their lives!

Inktober 12! Somehow this did not happen sooner…

Referenced from here!

Tiny girlfriend doodle for #inktober 10! #inktober2014

Late inktober 11! Wendigo time! We went to Terror Behind the Walls the other day and they had some really awesome monsters I based this on. 

Inktober 9! It’s priest, have a little priest… 

A small Sweeney Todd thing for the wonderful laurabirdsall! It was my favorite musical once upon a time, so I could hardly say no. 

Inktober 8! A little late but better than never??

Mags really unironically likes trashy, inaccurate vampire literature. It makes her laugh. 

My girlfriend got me an ArtSnacks subscription, and I got my first box yesterday! Not knowing what kind of art supplies you’re getting can be a gamble, but I’m really happy with everything I got this month! You can check out the caption for item names!

Inktober 6 & 7, from yesterday and today! I’ve been posting these on twitter/instagram day to day, and I’ll probably do bigger batches from now on over here. Things are getting hectic and doing small doodles with my favorite medium has been pretty nice to unwind! though I’d really like to come up with some kind of theme for them… hmmm…

Inktober 4 and 5 from this weekend - a vampire bat girl (briefly continuing the theme of “monsters with flowers”) and a Nanda by way of Skype.

eventually I’ll post something that isn’t phone pictures! 

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